Spirex screen saver 2.25
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Spirex screen saver 2.25

Free Spirex Screen Saver brings a Spirograph to your screen
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Do you remember playing with Spirograph? Did you like drawing all kinds of circles, curves and strange images?
Spirex Screen Saver brings a Spirograph to your screen.

This unique screen saver will make you remember those good old days when you spent hours playing drawing circles of different sizes and shapes. But now it has taken a new direction. Welcome to 3D Spirograph.

You will be able to see how these curves and circle-shaped images are formed, adding the 3D effect that will make it completely new. Thousands of different sizes and shapes in 3D will adorn your monitor, in full color.

The screensaver has a lot of configurable options for you to set. Or you can simply set it to random and watch in awe as Spirex starts drawing 3D shapes that will keep you watching the screen for hours.

Do you have dual monitors? Spirex Screen Saver will put a different screen saver on each one. And both will have the complexity and beauty of these 3D drawings.

You will spend hours watching the intricate figures moving and changing. And the algorithms used guarantee that there will be so many different shapes that you will never get bored watching them. It also includes a battery saver mode so you will not have to worry about running low on power. We are sure that this screen saver will keep you glued to your screen for hours, waiting for the next shape to appear.

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